Divisions and Prizes

Pinburgh 2024 features two divisions of singles play, A and B. On Sunday, we will be running the Women's International Pinball Tournament, but women are of course welcome to play in Pinburgh as well.

After the first day of play, players will be divided into A and B divisions according to standings. All tiebreaking will be determined according to the published rules, with no tiebreaker games necessary. On the second day of play, all players will retain their existing standings from the first day. At the end of the second day, the top 16 players in each division will be eligible for the final rounds, with players ranked lower eligible as waitlist players.

The guaranteed prize package is shown below.

A Division B Division
1st Place $5000 $1500 plus trophy!
2nd Place $2500 $1000 and plaque
3rd Place $1500 $700 and plaque
4th Place $1000 $500 and plaque
5th-8th Place $700 $400
9th-16th Place $500 $300
Top Qualifier $400 $100
Total Prize Package: $25,000!

Because our tournament format does not offer a "bye" to top qualifiers, the "Top Qualifier" awards are a special reward for being on top at the end of the qualifying rounds.

Please note that all money taken in goes towards meeting expenses, including the guaranteed prize package. Excess money, if any, will be retained by the tournament organizers against future expenses.

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