About Pinburgh

The Steel City Pinball Association launched an annual tournament in the summer of 1998. The original event was small but successful. In 1999, the event was held at the Beehive Coffeehouse in Oakland, and was larger and more rewarding (top prize in the A division was $1185). The 2000 tournament was moved to a larger location with new sponsors and a new scoring system as well as a guaranteed prize package to attract players, and this was a tremendously successful tournament. The next three years were held at the Best Western Parkway Center Inn, which offered free parking and inexpensive accommodations but limited space for growth.

Starting in 2004, the Pinburgh tournament was replaced by the PAPA 7 World Pinball Championships, and the Pinburgh name was temporarily retired. Starting in 2011, the name was revived and applied to a new match-play format, originally held at the PAPA Headquarters but later at the Replay FX event at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.

This format proved enormously popular and the event grew rapidly; for the summer of 2020, we expected to have as many as 1200 simultaneous players (a clear world record)! Unfortunately, the pandemic ended our pinball events for quite a while. We are pleased to say that the Replay Foundation, which owns the Pinburgh and PAPA trademarks, has given its blessing to Pittsburgh Pinball to once again operate the Pinburgh Match-Play Tournament.

Past Pinburghs

Other links to past events can be found here.

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